Massage Therapy

Rachel has been practising massage for almost 20 years. She worked as a senior therapist at Harrods prior to building a thriving private practise.

Rachel’s method

Clients are positioned on their backs for the majority of the massage and Rachel slides her hands under them, using their own body weight to determine the appropriate pressure. The body naturally adjusts to ensure that it never receives too shallow or too intense a stroke and sinks into deeper pressure as it relaxes.

The adrenals are slowed down using pressure points which helps the muscles to yield naturally so the client can enjoy a much deeper massage than usual without it feeling uncomfortable or invasive.

Her therapy also helps the body to slow down to its natural rhythm - minus the nervous energy created by the hustle and bustle of city life – and in turn all the bodily systems get a chance to regulate.

She uses pressure on specific acupuncture points to help clear blockages in the meridians and often applies a cross frictional technique that allows the ripple effect of each stroke to be distributed evenly through the body, instead of draining one half of the muscle of blood and flooding the other.

Combining a series of stretches, rotations, trigger points and alignment correction techniques, Rachel improves mobility and relieves pain and stress for her clients. Her massage is a releasing experience, both physically and emotionally.

She believes that unexpressed thoughts and emotions manifest themselves as physical blockages in the body and that, through her massage, these can be addressed and cleared.

Exclusive Oils

Rachel uses the finest, most luxurious oils available. She currently massages with 100% pure argan oil blended with the highest quality essential oils.

Argan Oil

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