SCENAR Therapy

S.C.E.N.A.R is an acronym for: Self Controlled Energo Neural Adaptive Regulator. It is a bio feedback mechanism which mimics the signal produced by neural tissue which the body recognises and accepts as its own.

When the SCENAR device detects pathology it feeds in extra information, stimulating the neuropeptides which activate, focus and speed up the body’s self regulatory or healing process.

It has a dynamically changing, high amplitude signal which is non-damaging to the body and targets the neural A fibres and the C fibres which are responsible for our sensation of pain. SCENAR is particularly effective when used for pain management and treatment.

Effective Treatment

SCENAR may be used to treat musculoskeletal complaints and disorders, post operative recovery, M.E, wounds, burns, bites, allergies, herpes simplex, tinnitus, depression, migraines, gynaecological complaints and disorders, removing kidney stones, respiratory infections and more.


The device was produced for the Russian space program to be used as a reparative tool on missions to avoid having to take a doctor on board or having to pollute the limited water supply with medicine.

SCENAR was developed by neurologists, engineers, doctors, scientists and acupuncturists and was protected by the military secrets act until Perestroika when it was introduced to the west.

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Rachel studied for two years under the tutelage of Marieta Zheleva and Camilla Ker in the first formal SCENAR training provided by the UK SCENAR Society.

She has also graduated from several courses run by Alexander Revenko (one of the inventors of SCENAR) and Galina Subbotina of the SCENAR Academy of Russia.

Qualified SCENAR Therapist